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Discover the ultimate hiking companion with Wikiloc APK! Download this premium app for Android and explore endless trails, maps, and GPS navigation. Go offline, hike on with confidence!

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Latest version 3.28.4
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Compatibility Android5.0+
Last Updated July 5, 2023
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Package name com.wikiloc.wikilocandroid

About Wikiloc


Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS is a mobile app that allows users to record their outdoor activities on a map, get real-time statistics like speed, distance, and elevation profile graphs, take photos, and mark waypoints along the route, and upload all of it directly to Wikiloc. With its user-friendly interface and offline maps, you can embark on thrilling adventures without worrying about internet connectivity. Download the Wikiloc today and discover a world of exciting hiking trails at your fingertips.

Explore and Discover Outdoor Trails with Wikiloc APK

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, Wikiloc APK stands out as an exceptional tool for adventurers worldwide. With an extensive collection of outdoor trails spanning across the globe, this app caters to various activities such as hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, and more. 

Whether you're looking for a leisurely hike through scenic landscapes or an adrenaline-pumping mountain biking trail, APK Wikiloc has got you covered.

Record and Share Your Adventures

One of the standout features of Wikiloc APK is its ability to let users record their own routes on detailed maps. By adding waypoints along your journey and capturing pictures along the way, you can document your adventures seamlessly within app Wikiloc itself. 

Once your route is complete, share it with fellow outdoor enthusiasts on the vibrant Wikiloc APK community platform where millions of nature lovers share their experiences.

Offline Maps for Uninterrupted Exploration

Picture this: You're in a remote location with limited or no internet coverage but still want access to accurate trail maps Wikiloc APK has got that covered too! The app provides free offline topographic maps from around the world that can be used without an internet connection. 

No matter how far off-grid your adventure takes you or how challenging the terrain may be—rest assured that APK Wikiloc will keep guiding you towards memorable experiences.

Smartwatch Compatibility for Hands-Free Navigation

For the tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts, APK Wikiloc offers seamless compatibility with smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch. This integration allows you to record and follow trails directly from your wrist, offering a hands-free navigation experience. Whether you're tracking your steps during a morning jog or exploring new hiking trails, having the convenience of accessing APK Wikiloc on your smartwatch enhances the overall adventure.

Enhance Your Experience with Wikiloc Premium

While APK Wikiloc provides an incredible set of features for free users, upgrading to Premium takes outdoor exploration to another level. Let's dive into some noteworthy benefits that come with this premium membership:

A) GPS Navigation Features: Turn Your Phone into a GPS Navigator

With Premium, transform your smartphone into a reliable GPS navigator during outdoor activities. App Wikiloc APK guides you with a heading indicator and sound alerts to ensure you stay on track while navigating even the most challenging terrains. Say goodbye to getting lost and hello to worry-free adventures!

B) Live Tracking: Share Real-time Position with Family & Friends

Safety is paramount when it comes to outdoor activities, especially if you're venturing alone or in unfamiliar areas. With live tracking offered by Wikiloc Premium, share your position in real-time with family and friends so they can keep tabs on your progress throughout the route.

C) Seamless Integration: Download Trails Directly to Garmin or Suunto Devices

For those who prefer using dedicated devices like Garmin or Suunto for their outdoor pursuits, Premium allows easy integration by enabling direct trail downloads onto compatible devices. Seamlessly transfer routes from the app onto these trusted gadgets—ensuring hassle-free navigation while leaving your phone safely tucked away.

D) Search by Passing Area: Find Trails Passing Through Specific Areas

Looking to explore specific regions or discover trails near certain areas? With Wikiloc Premium, you gain access to an advanced search feature that allows you to find paths passing through your chosen locations. Whether you're planning a hiking trip in the mountains or seeking coastal trails, this feature ensures tailored recommendations for your outdoor adventures.

E) Weather Forecast: Plan Outdoor Activities Based on Weather Conditions

Weather can make or break an outdoor adventure. Wikiloc Premium offers a built-in weather forecast feature, allowing users to plan their activities based on real-time weather conditions. Stay informed about temperature, precipitation, and other crucial details that impact your overall experience. Be prepared and make the most out of every hike!

F) Advanced Search Filters: Customize Trail Searches Based on Preferences

Not all outdoor enthusiasts seek the same type of trail experiences. With Wikiloc Premium's advanced search filters, tailor your trail searches based on activity preferences such as difficulty level, distance covered, elevation gain/loss, and more. This app customization empowers you to find trails perfectly suited for your skill level and desired adventure.

The Benefits of Supporting Wikiloc APK Premium

By purchasing a Wikiloc Premium membership, you not only unlock an array of exclusive features but also contribute towards maintaining the infrastructure behind this remarkable app. Your support enables ongoing development and enhancements—ensuring seamless navigation experiences for millions of users worldwide.

Additionally, when you purchase Premium, 1% of your contribution goes directly towards supporting 1% for the Planet initiative—a global network working towards preserving our planet's health. By choosing app Wikiloc APK, you actively participate in making a positive impact on our environment while enjoying incredible outdoor adventures.

Engage with the Vibrant Wikiloc Community

With millions of nature lovers, travel enthusiasts, and sports aficionados on board, app Wikiloc APK has fostered a thriving community where adventure stories come to life. Join this lively hub and connect with like-minded individuals who share their experiences, recommendations, and trail insights. Be part of a supportive network that fuels your passion for outdoor exploration.

Wikiloc: Your GPS-Enabled Outdoor Adventure Buddy

In conclusion, Wikiloc APK is the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures around the world. With app's extensive collection of trails spanning various activities combined with user-friendly features like offline maps and smartwatch compatibility Wikiloc app sets itself apart from the competition. Upgrade to Wikiloc Premium for an enhanced experience with advanced navigation features, live tracking capabilities, seamless device integration, weather forecasts, and advanced search filters. Download the app APK now and begin exploring nature's wonders at your own pace.

What's updated in the Latest Version 3.28.4

Enjoy the Wikiloc experience from your wrist. Now, record and follow trails on a map from your smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch, Pixel Watch, Fossil, TicWatch... (minimum version Wear OS 3.0).

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Wikiloc FAQs

1. How to use Wikiloc for free?

You can make use of Wikiloc's no-cost offline maps to track your routes, even without data or cell service, and it helps in conserving your phone battery too. Just store your chosen path in the app. You can do this by going to the app, selecting the trail you wish to follow from the bottom of the screen, and hitting "Save route". Also, grab the free offline map for the location you'll be in from the Help section.

2. How do I download Wikiloc trails?

To grab trails from the app onto your phone, just click "Save Trail" at the bottom of the trail description.

3. Do you have to pay for Wikiloc?

With the costless app, you're free to explore new routes, chart your own courses, and follow your own and all trails from Wikiloc ORG accounts at no charge, regardless of whether you have Wikiloc Premium or not.

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