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Looking for a VIP Streaming App? Download Moon Live APK now. In this application, you can watch various shows of VIP hosts for free.

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Latest version 1.3.0
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Compatibility Android 5.0+
Last Updated August 12, 2023
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About Moon Live


Live Streaming applications are indeed being loved by many people. This is because, in live streaming applications like that, we can get entertainment apart from playing games. In the context of entertainment, applications like this are indeed much sought after by internet users after games.

The rise of enthusiasts for applications like this, of course, stems from the explosion in popularity experienced by its competitor a few years ago called Bigo Live. Since the birth of the application on the internet market, many developers have adopted some of the concepts to be actualized in different applications.

Currently, if you are looking for a Live Streaming application on the Internet, you can find various options from that application, starting from Bling2 Live, Gogo Live, MGlobal Live, and various other options. One of the apps that you need to try is Moon Live APK.

In this Live Streaming application, you will feel a different sensation compared to other applications that have the same concept. In this application, you can watch a variety of entertainment hosted by top hosts that you might not find on other platforms.

If you are interested in trying a different sensation from the Live Streaming application, then you need to download Moon Live right now.

Moon Live Apk: Hot Streaming App

Even though live streaming applications can be used as social media to find friends, we cannot deny that in reality, many users want to find entertainment by watching various free shows performed by the hosts.

Almost all major concepts of live streaming applications carry out such activities. Likewise with Moon Live APK.

Since its first launch in this decade, this application has been immediately sought after by hosts and streaming entertainment connoisseurs in various parts of the world. In this application, the hosts can make money and the audience can enjoy a variety of entertainment.

You won't be able to find this application on the official application marketplace, such as the Play Store or iOS. This is because applications that have a concept like Moon Live APK will have difficulty obtaining distribution permits. Restrictions made by official marketplaces like that are very natural because this application really shows a lot of virtual entertainment for adult users.

You can only find this live streaming application on the application provider's website as you are doing on our website. You also don't need to worry about privacy security in this live app, because the developer can guarantee all the privacy security in the application.

If you are interested in using this application on your cellphone, immediately download Moon Live to get access to the VIP version of this application.

Features of Moon Live Apk

For the sake of your smooth running of this application later, we have provided a summary of some of the information you need to understand this application. Here are some things you need to know about the Moon Live.

Two Accounts

For those of you who are new to Moon Live, you must be hesitant to register an account in this application. This is very reasonable because logically this application does not get permission from the Play Store. However, if your curiosity is high, then you can take advantage of these available features.

With this feature, you can access Moon Live with a visitor account. In general, there are two types of accounts that can be created in Moon Live, namely official accounts and visitor accounts. By using a visitor account you can freely browse the application and start deciding whether to create an account or not.

Even though it is easy to access the application, there are some limitations given to the users in the visitor account.

Various Room Options

In Moon Live, there are several levels of rooms that you can access. The rooms range from VIP level to normal level. The existence of this level, of course, distinguishes the quality of the entertainment and the hosts in it.

The bolder the host and the more famous he is, then the hosts can easily limit their room only to a VIP room. To access it you need to pay some money to register an account to become a VIP account.

However, by using the modified application that we have provided on this page you don't need to make any payments. Just use the application then you can access the VIP class.

Watch the Actions of the Hosts

As we mentioned before, in Moon Live you can watch various entertainment provided by the hosts. In Moon Live, you can access all registered hosts from all over the world. You can meet hosts from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and various other countries.

Applications like this are more in demand by Asians. So of course the majority of hosts in this application also come from countries in Asia.

Hosts are brave enough to do anything, but they also have their reasons for hosting, namely money. With the money you have as gifts for the hosts, they can do whatever skills they have, such as singing, dancing, or storytelling.

Video Chat Apk App

 If you intend to make friends in this application, then you can use this video chat feature. By utilizing this feature you can communicate with various users from different parts of the world.

With this feature, you can also find your soul mate in Moon Live. Simply define a user search area then invite other users to communicate exclusively with you. After that, have a meeting with him.

You can also use Moon Live as an appointment book to schedule your chats with your friends or potential partners. You can set up a digital appointment with them and get notified when they are online. You can also join or create team meetings with other users who share your interests or hobbies. You can chat, play games, or watch live streams together in Moon Live.

Moon Live also offers a unique feature called live moon, which allows you to see the moon's phase and position in real-time. You can enjoy the beauty of the moon with your friends or loved ones, and even send them moon-themed gifts or stickers. You can also learn more about the moon and its influence on astrology, culture, and science.

Give Gifts

 As we said before, hosts entertain you with the expectation of rewarding you with money and gifts. In Moon Live, you can choose various GIFs or Stickers that you will give them.

The GIFs or stickers that you provide can be turned into money to meet all the needs of the hosts. So the higher the prize you give, the more willing the hosts will be to take the various actions you ask for.

Be a Host in Apk App

For those of you who want to get additional income, then you can use Moon Live as a means of making money. You can register yourself as a host in Moon Live Apk, then show all the talents you have to entertain your audience and fans. Also, determine the specific time you are active in the application so that users do not move to another room.

Download Moon Live APK

Watch various exciting shows from the world's top hosts by downloading Moon Live APK. In Moon's Live, you can freely access all VIP features without paying anything.

What's updated in the Latest Version 1.3.0

Released version: 1.3.0

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Moon Live FAQs

1. Is there an app to see live Moon position?

A comprehensive overview of moon positions, lunar phases, moonrise and moonset times. All lunar eclipses, supermoon calendar, moon age and illumination. No ads! The free version of the app shows all information about lunar positions for your current time and location only.

2. How do I add a lunar calendar to my Google Calendar app?

Tap the three lines near the Google Calendar icon. It opens up the Setting options. Scroll and find the 'other calendars' option and click the + sign.

3. Can I watch the moon live?

Luckily, you can observe the Moon from the comfort of your own home. Check out our live streams page for live feeds of the Moon and featured International Observe the Moon Night events. Or, you can take and process your own lunar images with the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescopes.

4. How do I get the moon phase on my Google Calendar?

Yep, the Google calendar moon phases calendar doesn't sync to the Android app. If you want to see moon phases on your phone then you can try subscribing to the calendar from this service: rather than using the in-built Google option.

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