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Experience endless creativity in Minecraft Earth APK! Download now for Android and immerse yourself in augmented reality gameplay. Join the beta program by Mojang and explore a world where real meets virtual!

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Latest version 0.33.0
Compatibility Android 8.0+
Last Updated January 1, 1970
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Price Free
Package name com.mojang.minecraftearth

About Minecraft Earth


Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds with Minecraft Earth Apk. This innovative mobile application game from Mojang combines the beloved sandbox experience of Minecraft with the power of augmented reality (AR). Explore, build, and survive in a whole new dimension as you download Minecraft Earth on your Android device. Get ready to embark on an adventure like never before, where imagination becomes reality. Discover the limitless possibilities of this unique software program and unleash your inner architect in this AR masterpiece.

Minecraft Earth APK: Blending Pixel Blocks with Reality

In this extraordinary adaptation of Minecraft, AR technology allows pixel blocks to seamlessly integrate into our surroundings, creating a truly immersive experience. As you step outside, familiar trees and structures from the virtual realm become indistinguishable from their physical counterparts. Get ready to unlock a new dimension of gameplay as you explore, create, and survive within your own augmented world.

Embrace Adventure in Minecraft Earth

The game takes exploration to new heights as you navigate your real-world environment in search of valuable resources for building objects. Uncover hidden treasures and engage in challenges scattered throughout your neighborhood or city using your phone's camera lens as a portal into the virtual realm.

  • Discover rare loot exclusive to specific locations.
  • Engage with holographic representations that retain Minecraft's iconic pixelated design.
  • Complete challenges for rewards that enhance your gameplay experience.

Collaborative Play: Join Forces for Unforgettable Adventures

While some games focus on competition, Minecraft Earth Apk fosters collaboration among players for exciting adventures together:

  • Form groups with fellow enthusiasts and venture forth as a team.
  • Tackle formidable obstacles collectively.
  • Enjoy shared rewards when conquering challenges side by side.

A Connected World of Creativity

Enter an interconnected universe where players worldwide bring their creativity to life within Minecraft Earth:

  • Explore creations by other players integrated seamlessly into real-world environments.
  • Interact with imaginative designs left by others during your own journeys.
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals across geographical boundaries.

The Ultimate Creative Outlet: Crafting Your World in Minecraft

Minecraft Earth Apk serves as the ultimate creative outlet, enabling you to build magnificent structures and landscapes within an expansive virtual world:

  • Unleash your creativity by constructing unique creations block by block.
  • Share your architectural marvels with other players who cross paths with your augmented reality builds.
  • Collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of imagination.

Mobile Version Features: Exploring Pocket Edition

Discover Minecraft's pocket edition for Android phones, offering a portable and immersive gaming experience. While some features may differ from other versions, it provides a captivating journey into the world of Minecraft:

Graphics, Controls, and Gameplay Mechanics

  • Enjoy retro-inspired visuals complemented by intuitive on-screen controls.
  • Craft objects simply by tapping anywhere on the screen or using your bare hands.

Crafting, Mining, and Building Mechanics

  • Gather resources without tools of destruction; use your bare hands instead.
  • Utilize an item bar to access blocks for building various structures.

Unique Features like Creative Mode

  • Access Creative mode's extensive palette of blocks.
  • Take advantage of the freedom to fly while unleashing boundless creativity.

Limitations Compared to PC Version

While Minecraft Earth Apk's pocket edition offers a portable gaming experience, there are certain limitations compared to its PC counterpart:

Limited World Size with Finite Resources

  • Pocket Edition worlds have finite boundaries compared to infinite worlds in the PC version.
  • Effective resource management becomes crucial due to limited landscapes.

Missing Elements like Redstone and Enchantments

  • Not all features present in the PC version are available in game's pocket edition: missing elements include redstone for electrical circuits and enchantments for enhancing gameplay depth.

Absence of Caves or Natural Features

  • Certain natural aspects found in caves or changes in sunlight throughout the day are absent from Minecraft Earth's pocket edition.

Multiplayer Capabilities and Social Interaction

Engage with other players in Minecraft Earth Apk through its robust multiplayer capabilities:

  • Seamlessly connect with friends or join forces with players worldwide.
  • Collaborate on building projects, conquer challenges, and embark on quests together.
  • Customize gaming world visibility settings to suit your preferences for privacy or collaboration.

Continuous Development and Updates

Minecraft: Pocket Edition receives frequent updates that enhance gameplay and introduce new features:

  • Similar to the PC version's beta release strategy, developers continuously refine existing elements while introducing fresh content.
  • Stay tuned for future updates that aim to elevate your game adventure further.

Conclusion of Game

In conclusion, Minecraft Earth Apk revolutionizes gaming by seamlessly merging virtual pixel blocks with reality through augmented reality technology. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience where exploration, creativity, collaboration, and limitless possibilities converge. Download the game today and embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of imagination.

What's updated in the Latest Version 0.33.0

New Stuff:
- Super Season
- Reduced build plate store costs
- Reduced crafting times
- Reduced smelting times
- Increased rare item drops in Tappables and Adventures
- This will be the final scheduled update; Minecraft Earth will be shutting down on 06/30/2021.

New Mobs and Variants:
- Fuzzy Sheep
- Cream Cow
- Sooty Pig
- Freckled Rabbit
- Long Nose Sheep
- Gold Crested Chicken
- Dairy Cow
- Mottled Pig
- Umbra Cow

The full list of patch notes can be found here:

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Minecraft Earth FAQs

1. Can you play Minecraft Earth on Android?

To play Minecraft Earth, you'll need an iPhone running iOS 10 or later or an Android phone running Android 7 or later.

2. Is Minecraft Earth on App Store?

UPDATE: Minecraft Earth Early Access is now available in all countries that have the App Store and Google Play Store. Go download it! Click here to get the game on iOS. Click here to get the app on Android.

3. Can you still get Minecraft Earth 2023?

On January 5th 2021, Mojang announced that Minecraft Earth would be shutting down permanently later that same year on June 30th, 2021.

4. Why is Minecraft Earth not available on my phone?

Microsoft says it is shutting down augmented reality game "Minecraft Earth" in June 2021 due to the restricted movement and lack of social mingling brought about by the global health crisis.

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