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Make genuine connections and new friends with Litmatch APK. Chat, voice call, and customize your avatar on this innovative social networking app. Available on Android and PC.

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Latest version 6.35.3
Category Social
Compatibility Android 5.0+
Last Updated September 12, 2023
Download count 99.4 M+
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Price Free
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About Litmatch


Litmatch is a social networking app that allows users to meet new friends and connect with people who share similar interests. It is a safe and warm community where users can share their honest thoughts and feelings through different online interactive features.

With Litmatch APK, you can discover new friends effortlessly through one-click friend discovery and engage in real-time text and voice conversations. Customize your avatar to stand out from the crowd and express your true personality. Say goodbye to mundane chats and embrace a whole new concept of connecting with others. Download Litmatch now on Android or PC and experience a social networking site like never before!

Discovering New Friends with Litmatch APK

One-Click Friend Discovery

With just one click, you can unlock a world of potential friendships waiting to be explored. Our intuitive interface makes it effortless for you to discover new friends who share similar interests and passions.

1-to-1 Talk or Group Chatting Options

Whether you prefer intimate conversations or lively group discussions, Litmatch has got you covered. Engage in one-on-one talk sessions or join vibrant group chats where ideas flow freely.

Sharing Emotions in a Comfortable Environment

Encouraging Thoughtful Conversations

We believe that sharing your thoughts and feelings should be easy and comfortable. At Litmatch, we foster an environment where open dialogue is encouraged so that you can connect with others on a deeper level.

Finding Like-Minded Individuals

In this vast sea of humanity, finding someone who truly understands you might seem challenging at times. But fear not! With Litmatch's advanced algorithms, we match you with like-minded individuals who can relate to your stories and experiences.

Respecting Diversity in the Litmatch Community

Litmatch cherishes warm vibes while respecting diversity within its community. We strive to create an inclusive space where people respect love, embrace differences, and communicate without pressure. Our zero-tolerance policy ensures that inappropriate behavior or rudeness is not tolerated.

Soul Game - Text, Like, Connect!

Real-Time Text Conversation

Engage in real-time text conversations with potential friends through our Soul Game feature. Get to know them better as you share your thoughts, interests, and dreams through meaningful exchanges.

Creating Connections Through Mutual Likes

Express appreciation for someone's profile with a simple like and initiate connections with individuals who resonate with your personality and interests.

Voice Game - Stand Out by Your Voice!

Experience the power of voice communication on Litmatch. Connect on a deeper level as you engage in brief voice calls with newfound friends. Let your voice be heard as you explore shared interests and passions together.

Party Chat - Group Chatting & Gifts!

Sharing Talents and Thoughts in Party Rooms

Join vibrant party rooms on Litmatch where talents are showcased, thoughts are exchanged, and laughter fills the airwaves! Engage in lively discussions while discovering hidden talents within our diverse community.

Receiving Support and Interesting Gifts from Others

Litmatch isn't just about conversations; it's also about building strong bonds through support and small gestures of kindness. Receive encouragement from fellow users or surprise them with interesting virtual gifts that brighten their day.

Feed – Exploring Lives Around the World!

Engaging with People's Texts, Visuals or Voices

Dive into the captivating world of Litmatch's feed where you can explore lives from around the globe. Engage with texts, and visuals or even listen to voices as people share their daily moments and life highlights.

Avatar – Creativity & Identity

Customize an avatar that represents your unique personality. Stand out from the crowd by creating avatars that showcase your individuality. Express yourself creatively while establishing connections based on shared interests and tastes.

Premium Features

Unlock the full potential of Litmatch with our premium features:

VIP Membership

Upgrade to our VIP membership for exclusive benefits:

  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • Priority customer support
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • And more!

DIAMOND Currency

Discover new possibilities with DIAMOND currency on Litmatch. Use it to unlock special features or send virtual gifts within the app. Enhance your interactions with friends while adding economic value along the way.

Litmatch APK: A New Way to Make Friends Online

In conclusion, Litmatch provides an extraordinary platform for meeting new friends effortlessly in a safe and warm environment. With features like one-click friend discovery, real-time text and voice conversations, party chat rooms, customizable avatars, and premium membership options, Litmatch offers a unique experience that goes beyond traditional social networking apps. Download Litmatch now and embark on an exciting journey of connection, support, and unforgettable memories!

What's updated in the Latest Version 6.35.3

1. Fixed some bugs
2. Optimized experience

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Litmatch FAQs

1. Is Litmatch a dating app?

Litmatch is a dating app that lets you find matches like Tinder or Tantan. You can download it from APKHello

2. What is Litmatch app used for?

Litmatch helps you make new friends and more. You can join a warm and safe community where you can share your honest feelings and thoughts. Ithas cool and caring people who can connect with you emotionally. You can enjoy different online interactive features with them.


3. Can I open Litmatch on PC?

Join the Litmatch community and hang out with the young people of today. Litmatch is a social app by CONSTRUCT TECHNOLOGY PTE, LTD. that helps you make new friends. You can use the BlueStacks app player to enjoy this Android app on your PC or Mac.

4. Where is Litmatch located?

Litmatch is a social app that was established in 2019. Its headquarters are in Shanghai.

5. Is it safe to use Litmatch app?

You can join a warm and safe community where you can share your honest feelings and thoughts. Litmatch has cool and caring people who can connect with you emotionally.

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