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Geometry Dash

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Geometry Dash APK! Download now for captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless levels on your Android device. Master the rhythm, dodge obstacles, and collect coins in this addictive arcade game.

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Information of Geometry Dash

Latest version 2.111
Category Arcade
Compatibility Android 4.0+
Last Updated November 15, 2017
Download count 6.7 M+
Content rating
Price $1.99
Package name com.robtopx.geometryjump

About Geometry Dash


In search of a riveting, habit-forming game for your Android gadget? Geometry Dash APK has got you covered. Boasting enthralling mechanics, eye-catching visuals, and a plethora of stages, this game promises endless amusement. Hit download to plunge into a universe of rhythmic platforming, where you'll leap, sprint, and dodge barriers. Prepare to engage your mind and gather coins as you traverse the dynamic realm of Geometry Dash.

What is Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK is a game where you control a character who must navigate through levels filled with various obstacles. The objective is to run, jump, and avoid the hurdles strategically placed on the ground and in the air. With its challenging gameplay mechanics, this game will test your skills while providing an endless array of levels for non-stop entertainment.


Interesting Gameplay

Geometry Dash APK offers an exciting gaming experience that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Here's what makes the gameplay so engaging:

  • Run: Control your character as it dashes forward through each level.
  • Jump: Time your jumps perfectly to avoid obstacles and progress smoothly.
  • Challenging Obstacles: Navigate through a variety of hazards both above and below to reach the end successfully.
  • Rewarding Achievements: Earn rewards by completing levels flawlessly, adding another layer of satisfaction.

Attractive Graphics

Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of Geometry Dash APK with its captivating 2D graphics:

  • Neon-style Visuals: The game's aesthetic combines vibrant colors with stylish neon visuals for an eye-catching display.
  • Immersive Effects: Enjoy seamless transitions between different elements accompanied by visually appealing effects.
  • Artistic Design: The combination of intricate designs and mesmerizing color schemes creates a visually striking atmosphere.

Level Feature, Custom Level in Geometry Dash APK

In Geometry Dash, a smorgasbord of fresh trials constantly beckons players:

  • Never-ending Levels: Traverse an expansive array of stages, including custom level, crafted to stretch your abilities to the max.
  • Unique Challenges: Every stage, handpicked as an editor choice unveils specific hurdles demanding exact timing and tactical moves.
  • Level Feature: Dive into a variety of level features that enhance gameplay.
  • Dash Auto: Experience the dash mode for a different kind of challenge, requiring its own set of skills.

Varied Gaming Modes

Geometry Dash APK caters to players of all proficiency levels with its diverse range of gaming modes:

  • Practice Mode: Hone your skills and learn the game mechanics at your own pace.
  • Easy and Normal Modes: Ideal for beginners or those seeking a more relaxed experience.
  • Hard, Harder, Insane, and Demon Modes: Challenge yourself with increasingly difficult levels as you progress.

Addictive Nature

Prepare to get hooked on Geometry Dash's addictive gameplay:

  • Thrilling Challenges: The combination of intense obstacles and fast-paced gameplay creates an adrenaline-pumping experience.
  • Motivational Progression: As you conquer each level, the sense of accomplishment will drive you to push further.

Dash, jump & groove in Geometry Dash APK!

Geometry Dash offers a unique gaming experience packed with captivating features. From its engaging gameplay mechanics to attractive graphics and countless levels, this game has something for everyone. Download Geometry Dash now and embark on an adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and endless entertainment. Get ready to test your reflexes in this rhythmic platformer – it's time to dash into action!

What's updated in the Latest Version 2.111

Update 2.11 is here!

This update will function as a smaller "pre-update" before Update 2.2. Lots of fun stuff planned :)

- New icons and effects!
- New community shop!
- Weekly Demon challenge!
- Folders and level sorting!
- New demon chests!
- Level leaderboards!
- Lots of bugfixes and tweaks.

- Some rewards were duplicated because of a bug. This has been fixed and duplicated rewards have been removed. If you have lost any orbs/diamonds/shards after loading 2.11, thats why :)


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Geometry Dash FAQs

1. Are Geometry Dash apks safe?

Is Geometry Dash kid-friendly? Indeed, this labyrinthine game suits children across all age groups. While safe for youngsters of every age, it's particularly advised for those aged four and up, given its reliance on hand-eye coordination and depth perception skills.

2. What can I download Geometry Dash on?

Crafted by RobTop Games, Geometry Dash stands as a riveting arcade adventure. For an enhanced, immersive experience, opt for the BlueStacks app player as your go-to PC or Mac platform. Dive into Geometry Dash's offline action on a grand, visually stunning PC display!

3. Is Geometry Dash safe for school?

App Summary

When it comes to child safety, Geometry Dash World is broadly deemed secure, lacking any unsuitable material or in-app buying options.

4. Why is Geometry Dash so infuriating?

What fuels the frustration in Geometry Dash? Likely, it's the relentless urge to conquer a stage, coupled with the recurring notion, "Just one more try could make all the difference." Then there are those maddening near-misses at 90% completion, particularly on demon levels.

5. Does Geometry Dash affect your brain?

Undoubtedly, Geometry Dash has sharpened my reflexes and honed my hand-eye coordination. While I can't attribute it solely to the game, conquering any GD level certainly demands top-notch reflex skills.

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