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Among Us APK: Dive into spaceship adventures on Android, PC. Sabotage, multiplayer game thrills, and survival await. Get ready for action!

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Latest version 2023.7.12
Category Action
Compatibility Android 6.0+
Last Updated July 13, 2023
Download count 577.7 M+
Content rating
Everyone 10+
Price Free
Package name com.innersloth.spacemafia

About Among Us


Welcome to Among Us: the captivating and thrilling game that combines teamwork, strategy, and betrayal. Get ready to embark on a cosmic adventure aboard a spaceship as you uncover the imposters among your crewmates. This multiplayer sensation, available on Android devices, Nintendo Switch, and PC, immerses players in a virtual world where communication is key and survival is paramount. Having entertained players for several years With its unique blend of action-packed gameplay and social deduction elements, Among Us has become an instant hit among Android gamers worldwide. Join the millions of players and enjoy exciting this space-themed sensation!

The Concept of Among Us APK

Among Us APK falls into the popular genre known as social deduction games. In this unique concept developed by InnerSloth, players find themselves in an exciting in-game gripping scenario where they must work together to accomplish tasks while identifying imposters hiding amongst them.

Crewmates vs Imposters

Upon entering the game's universe, each player assumes one of two roles: crewmate or imposter. Crewmates are tasked with completing various objectives around the spaceship or alien headquarters while staying vigilant for any signs of suspicious behavior from their fellow crew members.

On the other hand, imposters are skilled at blending in with their surroundings as they attempt to sabotage tasks and eliminate unsuspecting crewmates without being caught. Their primary objective is to sow chaos and confusion within the crew's ranks.

Role Assignment and Secrecy

At the start of each round in Among Us APK , roles are randomly assigned to players - whether it be as a loyal crewmate or an elusive imposter. The catch? No one knows who holds which role except for themselves.

This secrecy adds an element of uncertainty throughout gameplay since both crew mates and impostors must rely on observation skills and logical deductions to determine who can be trusted...and who cannot.

Engaging Gameplay Features

Among Us offers several exciting features that keep players hooked by fostering engaging multiplayer experiences and encouraging strategic decision-making.

Multiplayer Experience

Among Us APK provides multiple ways to connect and play with others. Whether you choose to team up online or utilize a local Wi-Fi connection, the game allows for seamless multiplayer interactions that bring people together from all corners of the globe.

The party size flexibility accommodates groups ranging from 4 to 15 players, making it an ideal choice for gatherings with friends or larger gaming communities. The more participants involved, the more chaotic and unpredictable each round becomes!

Tasks Completion for Crewmates

Crewmates are responsible for accomplishing various tasks scattered throughout the spaceship or alien headquarters. These tasks range from diverting power to fixing wiring systems, ensuring the smooth operation of vital ship functions.

Efficient task completion is crucial not only for maintaining the crew's survival but also as a means of narrowing down potential suspects during discussions and voting sessions.

Sabotage Options for Imposters

Imposters possess unique abilities to sabotage key systems aboard the spaceship and create chaos within their ranks. From disabling lights in critical areas to tampering with oxygen levels or triggering reactor meltdowns, imposters can wreak havoc while remaining inconspicuous among unsuspecting crewmates.

Successful sabotage requires careful planning and execution by imposters, who must strategically exploit opportunities without raising suspicion among their unwitting targets.

Sabotage Strategies:

  • Disabling lights in dark corridors creates confusion and makes it easier for impostors to eliminate crewmates unnoticed.
  • Triggering reactor meltdowns forces crew members into time-sensitive situations where they must prioritize repairs over identifying potential impostors.
  • Tampering with oxygen levels puts pressure on crew members' decision-making abilities while providing impostors an opportunity to strike when chaos ensues.

The Hide n Seek Mode

For those seeking a thrilling twist on traditional gameplay dynamics, Among Us APK introduces "Hide n Seek" mode as a limited-time variant. In this mode, the imposter's goal shifts from eliminating crewmates to finding and tagging them as quickly as possible. Crewmates must rely on stealth and cunning to evade detection, creating an adrenaline-fueled experience that challenges their survival instincts.

Immersive Spaceship Environments In Among Us APK

Among Us APK offers players a variety of immersive spaceship environments to explore during gameplay. Each map presents unique challenges and advantages that contribute to the overall gaming experience.

Map Selections

Among Us features four different maps: The Skeld, Polus, Mira HQ, and Airship. Each map offers distinct layouts and characteristics that influence gameplay strategies for both crew members and impostors.

The Skeld:

  • A classic spaceship layout with a circular design.
  • Well-balanced spaces mixed with strategic bottlenecks.
  • Provides limited hiding spots for impostors, increasing the chances of being spotted by observant crew members.


  • An expansive snow-covered outpost set in an alien world.
  • Vast open areas provide ample opportunities for impostors to strike unseen.
  • Offers challenging navigation routes through icy landscapes.

Mira HQ:

  • A headquarters-style setting featuring multiple levels and corridors.
  • Presents unique vent placements that allow skilled impostors to move swiftly between rooms undetected.


  • Among Us APK' latest addition takes players aboard an impressive flying vessel complete with new tasks and interactive elements. -Multiple floors offer increased verticality while introducing fresh gameplay mechanics.

Exploring these diverse environments adds another layer of excitement as players adapt their strategies based on each map's distinctive features.

Unveiling Imposters & Voting Mechanisms

Uncovering imposters is a crucial aspect of Among Us' social deduction gameplay. Players must engage in discussions within chat rooms after suspicious activity or deaths occur onboard the spaceship or alien headquarters.

Discussion on Finding Imposters

The game encourages communication among players as they share observations, suspicions, and theories to identify the imposters. Discussions center around gathering information and sifting through the crew's collective knowledge to determine who among them is responsible for sabotages or eliminations.

Collaborative discussions often lead to heated debates as players present evidence, alibis, and conflicting accounts in an attempt to sway others' opinions.

Players must exercise caution during these discussions, as falsely accusing innocent crew members can lead to their wrongful ejection from the ship - a victory for imposters!

Character Customization & Visuals

Among Us APK offers a range of fun and quirky options for character customization. Players can select costumes, choose different colors and skins, and even have adorable pets accompany them on their spacefaring journey.

Customizing Characters in Among Us

Character customization in Among Us allows players to express their creativity while adding personal flair. The game provides various costume options that range from elegant attire suitable for diplomatic missions to whimsical outfits inspired by popular culture references. In-game purchases allow players to spend money on cosmetic items, enhancing their characters' appearance.

Costume Selection and Color Options:

  • Choose from an array of vibrant colors such as Red, Blue, Yellow, or Pink.
  • Mix and match different hats with your selected color scheme.
  • Stand out by donning unique skins that reflect your individual style.

Quirky Accessories and Hats:

  • Accessorize with quirky items like sticky notes or toilet paper rolls.
  • Opt for stylish headgear like party hats or astronaut helmets.
  • Show off your playful side by equipping backpacks adorned with fun motifs.

The ability to personalize characters adds another layer of enjoyment within Among Us' gameplay experience.

Among Us APK Cross-Platform Functionality

One significant advantage of Among Us APK is its cross-platform functionality. The game allows players on Android devices, iOS devices (such as iPhones), PCs running Windows or macOS systems,s Nintendo Switch console owners all come together in thrilling interstellar adventures.

The Ability To Play Among Us Across Different Devices

Cross-platform play ensures that friends and family members can join forces, regardless of their preferred gaming platform. Whether you're using an Android device, iPhone, PC, or Nintendo Switch console, Among Us APK facilitates seamless multiplayer interactions.

Compatible Platforms:

  • Android mobile devices
  • iOS devices (iPhones)
  • PCs (Windows or macOS systems)
  • Nintendo Switch consoles

Benefits of Cross-Platform Play:

  • Expands the pool of potential players, ensuring a diverse and vibrant community.
  • Enables seamless collaboration between friends with different gaming preferences.
  • Facilitates inclusive gameplay experiences by breaking down platform barriers.

The ability to enjoy Among Us APK across various devices enhances accessibility and fosters a sense of unity among players from different corners of the gaming world.

Popularity & Reasons Behind Its Success

Among Us skyrocketed in popularity due to several key factors that captivated gamers worldwide. Let's explore these reasons behind its unprecedented success.

Factors Contributing to the Game's Popularity:

Simple Yet Engaging Gameplay:

Among Us APK boasts simple mechanics that are easy for players to grasp but challenging enough to keep them engaged. The game strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and depth, making it appealing to both casual gamers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Prominent Twitch Streamers' Influence:

Influential figures in the streaming community embraced Among Us early on, showcasing its addictive gameplay dynamics while entertaining millions of viewers. This exposure introduced the game to a wider audience who quickly fell in love with its suspenseful social deduction elements.

Rise of Fan Art and Memes:

The rise in fan art creations and memes related to Among Us APK contributed significantly to its viral spread across various social media platforms. Players enthusiastically shared their experiences through hilarious illustrations, relatable jokes,and amusing animations—propelling the game into pop culture status.

These factors combined created an infectious buzz around Among Us that led countless individuals worldwide download apk file version 1.0. The game continues attracting new players who seek thrilling and engaging experiences within its unique social deduction framework.

Alternatives to Among Us APK

While Among Us APK is undoubtedly a standout game in the social deduction genre, several alternatives offer similar gameplay experiences. Let's take a look at some noteworthy options:

Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys offers a zany twist on the battle royale format, providing entertaining multiplayer matches with up to 60 players. This light-hearted platformer challenges participants to navigate chaotic obstacle courses while competing for victory.

Overview of the Similar Game:

  • Features fast-paced races and mini-games that test agility and strategy.
  • Incorporates vibrant visuals and adorable characters reminiscent of jelly beans.
  • Encourages playful competition among friends or strangers online.

Neptune Lander Elite

For those seeking another space-themed alternative, Neptune Lander Elite delivers an immersive experience set in an alien world. Players must skillfully pilot their spacecraft through treacherous terrains while overcoming various obstacles.

Space-Themed Alternative:

  • Offers challenging missions requiring precise maneuvering skills.
  • Presents stunning visuals that bring alien landscapes to life.
  • Provides captivating exploration opportunities in an extraterrestrial setting.

These alternatives provide distinct yet equally enjoyable gaming experiences for fans of the social deduction genre.

Collaboration Updates

Among Us APK continues evolving with exciting collaboration projects and updates that enhance player engagement. Let's explore these recent additions as we conclude our journey through this captivating game.

Pusheen Collaboration Project

To add further charm to your Among Us sessions, InnerSloth has introduced a delightful collaboration project featuring everyone's favorite feline: Pusheen! Crewmates and impostors can now dress up as lovable Pusheen characters using various color options available after purchasing the Pusheen Cosmicube at just 110 stars—for a limited time only!

Dressing Up as Pusheen Characters

  • Unleash your inner Pusheen fan by selecting different colors of Pusheen onesies.
  • Enjoy additional customization options that bring a touch of whimsy to your gameplay experience.

Celebrating the Game's Anniversary

In celebration of Among Us APK' anniversary, the game has received exciting updates. An overhauled main menu screen showcases crewmates floating in space alongside a convenient sidebar for game options. Additionally, players are rewarded with a free Balloon Hat cosmetic just by logging in. New Birthday Cosmetics have also been added to the in-game store, allowing players to commemorate this special occasion.

Overhauled Main Menu Screen

  • Refreshed visuals featuring crewmates suspended in outer space.
  • Enhanced user interface for improved accessibility and navigation.


Among Us offers an unparalleled gaming experience filled with excitement and intrigue. The blend of strategic decision-making and social deduction creates an immersive atmosphere that keeps players on their toes as they navigate treacherous spaceship environments while unmasking impostors among them. Join the millions of players worldwide who have already embarked on this thrilling adventure—download Among Us apk now and unlock endless hours of cosmic entertainment!

What's updated in the Latest Version 2023.7.12

- Pusheen Cosmicube featured in the store
- Chat bounce has been removed
- Text will save if exiting out of free chat box

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Among Us FAQs

1. How to play Among Us without installing it?

You can stream Among Us and other exciting games directly to your browser through This allows you to enjoy Android games online without any downloads or updates, and it's free.

2. Is there a free version of Among Us?

You can play Among Us for free on both iOS and Android devices.

3. Is Among Us suitable for 7 year olds?

Among Us offers an interactive and social experience, making it an enjoyable game for children to play with friends. However, the Apple Store recommends it for children aged nine and above because of occasional mild violence and horror elements.

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